Fit In 50 aims to improve the health and wellbeing of sedentary individuals and make them aware of the small changes that they can make to their working day that can make a big difference.

The initiative is based around an A5 booklet containing office based exercises, nutrition and hydration advice. Each participant keeps, reads and fills it in as It’s designed to be interactive so they can keep track of their progress as well as meal/snack plans.

Its published as a booklet rather than digitally to combat the effects of screen fatigue brought about by looking at screens (monitors, tablets, smartphones, laptops etc.) all day. It gives the reader the opportunity to refocus that attention every hour on to something other than their computers.

The Fit In 50 plan consists of:


  • A comprehensive 14-day rolling exercise plan to complete at the comfort of your desk
  • A variety of desk-based exercises suitable for all levels of ability
  • Five simple nutritional guidelines to promote a healthy diet and achieve your goals
  • Meal and snack ideas

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