Danny Nussbaum

HR Director, Volvo Group UK 

Uncomplicated exercises that are easy to perform in most office environments. Was fun to do as a group and brought the team more closer together by doing it. A great start and will continue.

Sheila Franks

Staff Engagement Manager, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

The fitin50 has been very well received by our staff. The wellbeing of our people is key to us providing good services for our clients, patients and their carers. We have been out at different locations, promoting self-care, and have been giving out the brochure at these events. We offer Wellbeing Days at which all our staff are welcome, and where we provide body MOTs, cholesterol checks and other health tests, and the booklets have been exceptionally good to give out in support of these events.

Trial Feedback



  • 100% made positive changes to their office lifestyle because of Fit In 50 100%
  • 89% formed new exercise and nutritional habits 89%
  • 90% felt Fit In 50 was an effective intervention to relieve stress and improve wellbeing 90%
  • 100% expressed a new awareness of a sedentary lifestyle and felt Fit In 50 helped combat its negative effects 100%

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